Arkansas Gas Distributor opened its first propane distribution center Monday, March 5, 2018. The distribution center is located at 3062 Hwy 49, Lexa, AR.

Serving agricultural, residential and industrial customers, Arkansas Gas will focus on providing exceptional customer service.

"Our company is focused on providing good quality service to our customers in the Tri-County Region," said Gerry Misel, president of Arkansas Gas Distributors.

Although new to Arkansas the company opens with more than 60 proven years in the propane distribution business standing behind it. Arkansas Gas Distributors is the first step in an expansion plan begun by Georgia Gas Distributors.

"After serving the Georgia market for decades," said Misel. "we wanted to expand and felt Arkansas fit nicely in our plan. We like the people in the Tri-County Region and thought the area provides us with great service opportunities."

Shelby Snyder is the plant manager for Arkansas Gas Distributors in Lexa.

Customers interested in contacting Arkansas Gas either can stop by the distribution center or call them at 870-753-8864.