The control box for the traffic signal at the Hwy 49 Bypass intersection was struck by a motorist and severely damaged. Following the accident, the traffic signal was set to flashing red both directions to be treated as a four-way stop. This was done as a precaution for public safety to avoid a catastrophic malfunction in which the light could have reset to green both directions. The police department has stepped up patrols in that area to assist during high traffic times, including school drop off and pick up at Miller School.


The City has been working with Pinkley Sales, a company authorized by the Arkansas Department of Transportation, to construct a replacement unit, a process which takes approximately 60 days. It is estimated that the new box will be delivered by the end of March.


The City is aware of the frustration and inconvenience the current situation has caused and appreciates continued patience of the public until replacement of the control box is completed.