The Central High School students in Ms. Gist’s 7th grade science class had a very exciting STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) Day on Monday, February 26, 2018.  They started their day by learning about some of the technology that is present in the East classroom.  Under the direction of Mr. John Dulaney of Great Rivers Cooperative, students learned a little about 3D printing and Virtual Reality.  They also got to work with Sketch Up, 3D modeling software, and other computer technology present in East.  Thereafter, the students spent their afternoon learning about some of the Chemistry that is present in the kitchen.  They learned about atoms, molecules, compounds, evaporation, condensation, and more.  They were led in the preparation of three different Chemistry in the Kitchen recipes taught by Faith Aaya and Sam Thoma from the Little Rock Museum of Discovery.  Students were so excited about all they were learning and are looking forward to learning even more via STEM based lessons from our partnership with the Museum of Discovery and with the East Initiative.

 For more information, contact Mrs. Adrian Watkins, HWH School Improvement Specialist or Ms. Gist, CHS East Facilitator.