01/18/2018            Failure to comply with Lawful Order, Endanger welfare of a minor in the 2nd degree, disorderly conduct, obstructing governmental operations, and terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree at 700 block of Mimosa St.

01/18/2018            There was a missing person at 203 Bart St.

01/18/2018            Driving on suspended license, No vehicle tags, No insurance, fictitious tags, Warrant, occurred at Park St. & Desoto St.

01/18/2018            Domestic battering in the 3rd degree at 1000 block of Perry St.

01/19/2018            Aggravated robbery at 799 Martin Luther King Dr

01/19/2018            Possession of a controlled substance-misdemeanor & obstructing governmental operations at 1223 Porter St

01/19/2018            Failure to comply, driving on suspended license, and possession with a purpose of delivery Hwy 49 and West Russell

01/19/2018            Theft of Property ($1000 or less) at 626 N. Sebastian

01/19/2018            Terroristic Threatening in the 2nd degree, harassment, harassing communications at 103 School Rd

01/19/2018            Theft of $1000 or less at 526 S. Ridge Dr
01/19/2018            Sammie Lee Henry reported an aggravated robbery at 799 Martin Luther King Dr West Helena.

01/19/2018            Toni Rochell Watson reported at 799 Martin Luther King Blvd a breaking & entering occurred

01/20/2018            Kidnapping/False imprisonment in the 1st degree, Terroristic Act, and aggravated assault at 126 S. 5th

01/20/2018            Driving on suspended license, Defective equipment occurred at Hwy 49 near the hospital.

01/20/2018            Fraud-Identity Theft at 233 Prairie St

01/20/2018            Driving on suspended license, no insurance, & careless and prohibited driving On N. Sebastian

01/20/2018            Speeding, failure to register vehicle, driving on suspended license, fictitious tags, & 3 no child restraints on Springdale Rd

01/20/2018            Purse Snatching ($1000 or less) at Wal-Mart parking lot

01/20/2018            Failure to comply at a stop sign, Failure to comply with lawful order, Fleeing, DWI-Operation of vehicle during DWI license suspension or revocation, DWI (unlawful act), refusal to submit at 915 Anderson St

01/23/2018            Fleeing, failure to stop at a stop sign, & theft of a firearm (Valued at $2500 or less) at 100 Hernando

01/24/2018            Driving on suspended license & Careless and prohibited driving on Cherry St

01/24/2018            Terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree at 116 Meadowbrook St

01/24/2018            Breaking & Entering at 201 S. Baringo St

01/25/2018            Criminal mischief in the 1st degree at 132 Dennis Dr

01/25/2018            Breaking & Entering coin operated vending machine at 500 Walker St

01/25/2018            Missing person & Neglect of a minor at 125 Hickory Hill Dr