The Hot Springs Village Police Department made various welfare checks in the past week, assisted individuals and assisted the Garland County Sheriff’s Department.

April 5
A court paper server was allowed to enter the West Gate to go to Pyrenees Way.
A complainant told the police dispatcher he had hit a turkey near Ponce de Leon and DeSoto Boulevard. A responding officer could find neither.
A caller told police a pickup and trailer were backed into a driveway of an empty home. The truck was gone when police arrived. The resident came out, told police it was a flooring company working for her and said she didn’t know the person who called police.
An officer was dispatched to Adoracion Court for a reported road blockage. She found landscaping vehicles were already being moved further off the road.
West Gate staff told police a tan Chevrolet pickup with a 2016 owner’s sticker ran the gate. Officers found the vehicle on Arias Way at Cambre Circle. The driver, a property owner, was cited for driving on a suspended license. The driver’s son called police around the same time and said the driver, his father, was not wanted at his residence because of a soured business partnership. A licensed driver came to drive the father’s pickup, and the father was told to stay away from his son’s house.
An officer moved a fallen tree from Lavanda Lane, and another on Mesero Way.
After a report of a suspicious vehicle on Algeciras Lane, an officer found a couple in the vehicle on Manzanares Drive. They were new Villagers who said they were looking at architectural design ideas on homes with raised awnings, and did not mean to raise alarm, but appreciated the good security.
Two men who reportedly appeared to be intoxicated while walking northbound on Calella Road told police they had been drinking on the Lake DeSoto causeway and were headed home. Aaron Robert McPheron, 47, Santa Maria Lane, who had a nearly empty vodka bottle and who had difficulty standing, was arrested for public intoxication and was taken to Garland County jail, where he tested 0.3. The other man appeared to be only slightly intoxicated was very cooperative, and was given a ride to his home.

April 6
Castano Drive complainants told police a dark Chevrolet pickup with a loud exhaust has been frequently speeding on the road.
Police went to a family disturbance on Lado Place, where there was a minor argument over an estate.
An officer checked on a Garland County Sheriff’s Department report of a man sleeping in a pickup truck at the intersection of Vaughn Road and Peterson Trail, but no vehicle was found.
A boy walking with his mother, who did not realize the area was locked, threw his ball into the tennis area at DeSoto Recreational Area. An officer was not immediately able to retrieve the ball, but it was later recovered.
Police received a report of a dead fox on DeSoto Boulevard, but instead found a dead raccoon near mile 5.
A truck with a loud exhaust reportedly had been driving up and down Pyrenees Way, possibly trying to get the attention of residents in one home. An officer found a small flatbed truck parked at one home, but there were no occupants.
A Villager told police a caller with a foreign accent told the Villager he will be charged with a crime if he does not answer the phone when that man calls. An officer told him to be cautious when answering calls from unknown numbers.

April 7
A man told an officer on Altura Lane he is a Jehovah’s Witness and said he was not soliciting, but had been inviting friends to a dinner party.
A black Ford pickup reportedly ran the West Gate.
Pacifica Way residents told police they heard gunshots to the southwest, probably were coming from off property.
An officer gave a Doscientos Lane resident verbal warning and a copy of the county’s noise ordinance, after a report of her dog barking non-stop during the day.

April 8
An officer listened for several minutes for a howling dog in DeSoto Courts, but heard nothing.
A Chevrolet truck with large tires reportedly ran the West Gate.
An intoxicated man was reportedly loitering at Village Pub, but apparently left when an employee told him to leave. Officers could not locate him.
An SUV driver stopped on DeSoto Boulevard at Sierra Drive told police she was taking an intoxicated man home. She said she had drunk two beers several hours earlier, but did not appear to be intoxicated or have alcohol on her breath. She had a bill of sale for the newly purchased truck and was allowed to proceed.
A felony warrant for theft of property was served on Mellissa Schaeffer, 41, Trevino Place, and she was taken to Garland County jail.
A Villager told police he sent $650 to an Illinois man to repair and deliver an RV he wanted to buy, but the seller then sold it to a different person.
Gunshots reportedly were heard in the area of Estepa Lane and Archidona Circle, but an officer heard nothing.
A process server with papers was allowed to enter the West Gate to go to a West Villena Drive home.
After seeing an unleashed dog near the end of Balboa Beach, near the spillway, an officer told two owners of the Garland County ordinance requiring leashed dogs, and gave a verbal warning.
After a domestic dispute, a woman on La Canada Way told an officer she had refused to give a man his cell phone because she thought he had been cheating on her. Both admitted to a physical scuffle, but both said there was no intent by either party to cause physical harm. An officer saw no signs of injury.
Someone reportedly parked at an unoccupied home on Alamito Lane and went behind the home to fish.

April 9
After a domestic disturbance on Vaqueria Lane, Scott Brugunder, 51, was arrested for third-degree domestic battery, a Class A misdemeanor, after police saw a minor laceration to his girlfriend’s lip. He was taken to Garland County jail.
A Villager told police someone charged $1,390 on his credit card for an HP laptop and Windows 10 software package. The company told him it was to be shipped to a Sherwood, Ark., address.
A trailer parked for several days on Maderas Drive near DeSoto Boulevard appeared to be full of trash.
After a report of three teenage males swimming at Balboa spillway, which is not allowed, an officer saw three teens walking toward the beach, but no one in the water.
A complainant who told police people were fishing on the lake shore at Lake Lagos later told police he did not actually see people fishing, but called because he saw two vehicles and assumed they might be fishing.
A Villager told police a black car tailgated her in at Balboa Gate. The plate returned to a brown truck, but neither could be located.
A young Alba Place resident told an officer he was using a new metal detector, but would go back to his mother’s house and would use it in the daytime.

April 10
A Magda Lane resident told police a white Chevrolet westbound on Balearic Road struck him at Minorca Road, shortly after 1 a.m. He said his father had dropped him off at Balboa Gate and he was walking home. He had a swollen lip and a small bloody knot on his head, and smelled of intoxicants. Officers found no evidence at the scene, then returned to the house. After being told the injuries were not consistent with being struck by a vehicle, he admitted to walking from his father’s Highway 5 home, but still insisted a vehicle struck him. While talking to the man the officer smelled marijuana coming from inside the home. Occupants provided a small amount of cannabis and a glass pipe. The complainant destroyed the pipe and the officer destroyed the marijuana. The complainant said he did not want to pursue charges on the driver.
A patrolling officer found a downed pine tree blocking Zas Place. He used a chainsaw to cut it up and removed it.
A potted plant, reportedly on DeSoto Boulevard near Pontravedra, had already been moved to the side.
A family walking on the side of Fresno Road told an officer they were walking home from the lake to their Alicante Road home. They were told to watch for traffic and have a safe walk.
A Toyota Rav4 turning toward US Bank on Cooper Circle collided with a westbound Ford Taurus on DeSoto Boulevard. The SUV driver, who told police she did not see the oncoming vehicle because of tall shrubs, was cited for failure to yield.
A bronze Toyota Avalon was reportedly weaving on DeSoto Boulevard, near Minorca Road. The car was parked in a driveway when police arrived.
A pontoon boat owner told an officer at Granada boat ramp the boat’s trailer was broken, a relative was bringing a trailer and it would be moved that day.
Trail users told police they saw a non-aggressive unleashed dog near Calella causeway. The dog’s owner told police it had slipped out of the leash. She was told of the Garland County dog leash ordinance.
Two dogs were reportedly running loose on Delgado Way.