Wow. The “Friends” have been in existence over “20 years.” A prime example of an organization that started in philanthropy but due to poor choice and leadership ended up in wayward politics.
With political control of the Village for such a long time they can take credit for the cumulative millions of dollars spent on the failed geothermal HVAC at the Coronado Center, the two “renovated” golf courses (with continued and increasing operating deficits), the mismanagement of properties (DeSoto destruction) and wasted expenditures including the DeSoto Club reconstruction, entrance walls that you can see best after 9 p.m., and the botched bulk sale of lots due to an inadequate sales agreement.
This has been augmented by two consecutive ineffective general managers and let’s not forget the two-tiered assessment system in violation of the Declaration, nor the stripping of the democratic processes in the Village, including the decidedly undemocratic lawsuit against the appellants. In addition, all of this was accomplished in the last 12 years or so and the “Friends” managed this without injecting any “growth” in the Village. But so what, they believe the Village is not under-developed, under-populated, and the amenities are not under-utilized and running deficits. They blame it on me and Arkansas being Arkansas.
We can give the “Friends” credit for being a real destroyer of value in the Village, second only to Cooper. All homeowners and lot owners really should give credit where “credit is due.”
Lastly, I give my thanks to Paul Bridges, the writer of articles in the Voice promoting the two-tiered assessment, promoting the idea of a suit against the appellants, seller of bumper plates, and the man who is not censored when referencing “Village Mafia.”

Clark Vernon
Hot Springs Village