During the current pandemic, food supply and making food last is on the forefront of most people's minds.

Here are a few ways you can make your groceries last longer, according to MoneyTalksNews.com.

- Toss spoiled produce: Before storing, examine contents of each bag and remove items that are bruised, overripe or on the brink of spoiling.

- Butter and wrap sliced cheese: Apply a thin layer of butter to the exposed side, wrap the block in waxed paper and place in a plastic bag.

- Puncture plastic storage bags: Poke a few holes in produce bags to help reduce moisture.

- Consider the freezer: Freezing works for most fruits and vegetables as long as they are consumed within eight to 12 months.

- Shrink-wrap the crown of bananas: Wrapping plastic around the crown of a bunch of bananas will curb the release of ethylene gas.

- Bundle up herbs: Herbs can be displayed in a vase of water to open up refrigerator space. Be sure to trim stems first.

- Pantyhose for onions: Drop an opinion in each foot, tie a knot in between and continue until leg of pantyhose is full to extend shelf life.

- Wrap greens in foil: Broccoli, lettuce and celery will last in the fridge for a month or more.

- Don't store milk in fridge door: The cooler temperatures found in the fridge are on the middle shelf.

- Segregate produce and meats: All meats should be wrapped and stored toward the bottom of the fridge or freezer.