Town Hall meeting information

There will be a “Town Hall” meeting at the New Haven Church located at 404 West Street tonight at 5:30 p.m.
This meeting will be an open forum where citizens can express their concerns about the state of their community and exchange positive ideas with city, county and school leaders for improvements to our community and its economy. Naomi Cottoms and Dr. Mary Olson have agreed to moderate the meeting.
All county, city and school district officials have been personally invited to this meeting. Members of the clergy have been invited as well.
“We hope to find common ground on the issues that we face and move forward,” said Mayor Valley. “This meeting will be an interactive session geared toward citizen input. Many times citizens do not feel as though they fit into the formal meeting format, and this avenue will allow greater citizen participation.”
The items to be discussed include but are not limited to summer jobs and youth programs, the
Federal Stimulus Package, citizens holding officials accountable and crime.
“I look forward to sharing the stage with members of other governmental bodies and charting a positive course for our community based upon citizen desires,” said the mayor.  “I can’t wait to hear about the summer jobs program that will help our youths between the ages of 16 and 24 find work while stimulating our local economy.”
Everyone is welcome and encouraged to attend.