Is it time for a Fair Tax in America?

My father once told me that nothing in life was certain except death and taxes. That conversation with my Dad is one of the few I remember because he died when I was very young.
My Dad’s words still ring true today.  I’ve learned through the years that death and taxes are a big part of my life and I cannot escape either. I’ve never forgotten his words. 
Maturing, we find out about life and that life entails many things.  Working everyday is one and the other is paying an income tax.  We pay taxes on everything and in Phillips County; we pay more than our fair share including a jail, harbor, and extra sales taxes.
What makes things so unfair is that we are taxed to death and even taxed at death.  Life is taxing and taxing is a part of our life. 
Just like death, we can’t avoid those taxes. 
We are even taxed on our coffins.
The best thing the “feds” could do is implement a “fair tax.” 
Currently, I pay two income taxes, two tourism taxes, and taxes on groceries on top of taxes for just about everything else.  I am one of those Americans without a loophole.
 There are people who pay even more taxes than I do.  Most people pay property taxes, inheritance taxes, and, yes, even death taxes. Taxes, taxes, and more taxes are piled on at every turn.
I pay at least one-third of my earnings to some sort of tax. 
Have no fear; there is a light at the end of the tunnel.
There is a path to free hardworking Americans from the yokes of an unfair tax structure.  It’s called “The Fair Tax” and abolishes all income taxes.
It’s totally fair in my opinion and I hope it is implemented soon.  I’ve done the research and thought about this a great deal.  Several people have mentioned it to me and encouraged me to go to and see for myself.  
I did and encourage everyone to log on and open your mind. The Web site has a familiar face at the very top as an advocate of the fair tax system. You might recognize Arkansas’s own, Mike Huckabee, as the face for a smarter America.
This system not only closes all the loopholes the shysters use to avoid paying taxes, it also eliminates grocery and income taxes.
Imagine opening your check and seeing every dime you’ve actually earned on the check. Imagine shaking that yoke of income taxes.
How does this work to support our government I wondered? 
Why, through the great American buying power, that’s how.  Everybody buys something. It’s the American way.  Some of us buy stuff we don’t even need.  It’s un-American not to buy something. 
Through that power, the economy is stimulated with the extra funds and the government gets part of the proceeds.  Doing away with the IRS would literally save more money than anything else.  The IRS has more agents than the FBI and CIA combined.  With the new system in place, those agents are now open to fill police officer positions and America can be safe again.  The program would do a lot for this country and even this area.
The system levels the playing field.   Those that don’t pay one red cent in taxes no matter how much they rake in now are like every day citizens.   No more rich guys getting tax breaks. No more under the table payments and no more over taxed, struggling Americans. 
 Everyone pays the same amount of taxes no matter how they earn their money or how much.
  In today’s world, the rich guy gets all the tax breaks, the drug dealer doesn’t count because he doesn’t file income taxes. The regular guy carries the tax burden and even the poor guy still has to pay some taxes because there isn’t a government program out there that does away with any taxes on the cash he spends. 
Through food stamps, he doesn’t pay grocery taxes and with the new system, neither would anyone else.  It’s a very “fair tax” for all involved. 
My biggest complaint about the current tax system is that the regular guy and the poor guy don’t even get a tax break when they die. I ask you, which seems system seems fair?