It's a jungle out there!

 It's a jungle out there!
The expression could have easily originated from someone viewing the Howe's family garden, which has tomato plants that are more than 13 feet tall in some areas. One could easily get lost in this quarter of an acre garden which resembles a maze.
"We're going to have to stand on a tall ladder when we pick them (the tomatoes)," Mary Howe said. "The rains have been coming just right."
The couple have been growing a garden since they moved to the Paragould-Beech Grove area 26 years ago from Flint, Mich. They use a combination of Miracle-Gro and rain water they store to water their garden once a week. According to Howe, the vines produce the most fruit in the spring and hot weather helps their fruit to ripen faster.
Howe said she is not trying to win a contest for growing the largest tomato plants — it just happens. When friends visit their garden, they're amazed. she said.
"I thought I grew big tomato plants but I don't hold a candle to one of your tomato plants," Darrell Phillips Sr. told her.
Tonya Phillips appreciates how the Howe family is so generous in giving their fruits and vegetables from their garden, including tomatoes, cucumbers, okra, green beans, hot peppers, bell peppers, squash and cantaloupe.
Howe said they don't market their produce. What they don't use, they give to their family and friends.
"It's just a hobby to keep us busy," she says. "We enjoy it and put a lot of work and time in it."
After the plants quit yielding fruit, Howe said her husband Dan will take down the plants and sow the ground with winter wheat for the deer to eat.