Sixth business hit this month

Marty Mart at the corner of North Fourth Street and Quarles Lane became the sixth business to be robbed or attempted to be robbed in Helena-West Helena during the month of August.
Detective Roy Covington of the Helena-West Helena Police Department’s Criminal Investigation Division said officers responded to a call around 9:35 Monday evening. The caller informed the dispatcher that an armed robbery had just occurred at the business establishment.
The two clerks, who were in the store at the time of the robbery, told police a lone black gunman wearing a red bandana type mask entered the store and pointed a gun at them and demanded money.  The clerks complied and gave the man the cash in the register, which the clerks reported was approximately $100.
Before leaving the store the robber fired a shot with a bullet hitting the lower portion of a doorframe in the back of the store.
The robber is described as being medium build between 5’11” and 6’ feet tall.
Police officers were reluctant to say if Monday night’s robber might be the same suspect involved in the other robberies that having been occurring in Helena-West Helena.