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Get evaluated to be sure you are in good enough health for your trip.
Your measles-mumps-rubella (MMR), diphtheria-tetanus-pertussis (DTP), chicken pox, polio, flu and any other routine vaccinations your HCP recommends should be up to date.
Nutrition News: Leafy greens are nutrition rockstars http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140309/NEWS/140309562/-1/health?rssfeed=true Sun, 09 Mar 2014 21:18:59 +0000 http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140309/NEWS/140309562/-1/health Creators Syndicate
We could pick a lot of food to fit this category, but when it comes to nutrition, leafy greens are rockstars, according to the latest issue of Food & Nutrition magazine.
Here's why — they top the charts in vitamins A, C and K, potassium and fiber with only 5 to 40 calories per cup. Cruciferous vegetables such as kale, collards and cabbages are natural defenders and recognized for their potential roles in cancer prevention. Kale, spinach and turnip [...]]]>
Health Watch: Plank like a pro http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140307/NEWS/140309925/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 07 Mar 2014 01:01:00 +0000 http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140307/NEWS/140309925/-1/health Have you ever tried planking on top of a fridge? How about on a desk, a train or on top of a billboard sign? No? But you might have laughed at those crazy viral photos of planking in unique places. Although their form isn't quite up to par, these plank daredevils are onto something — a plank is truly one of the best core exercises ever. No need to do endless crunches or break out expensive equipment: planking is an easy, all-terrain, effective exercise.
Planking offers a [...]]]>
Dr. Murray Feingold: Don’t be alarmed by the numbers http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140305/NEWS/140309840/-1/health?rssfeed=true Tue, 04 Mar 2014 23:59:26 +0000 By Dr. Murray Feingold More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140305/NEWS/140309840/-1/health But before you consider this information to be factual and reliable, it's important to determine how these figures were ascertained.
For example, the reason for the increase in the number of people being [...]]]>
HealthStyle: How to win the battle of the bulge http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140303/NEWS/140309996/-1/health?rssfeed=true Mon, 03 Mar 2014 01:01:00 +0000 By David Gannon More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140303/NEWS/140309996/-1/health The risks of obesity and being overweight are many. It is the number one public health [...]]]> Cooks’ Books: No-frills diet advises to forget the fads http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229378/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 28 Feb 2014 20:05:14 +0000 http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229378/-1/health Creators Syndicate
"American Heart Association No-Fad Diet: A Personal Plan for Healthy Weight Loss" (Clarkson Potter)
Have you already tried the dozens of new diets that have emerged since the beginning of the year? Even if you're only on your first or second fad diet, it probably already feels like you've been down that road before. Millions have, with still only a less than 5 percent success rate for diets overall.
"The American Heart Association No-Fad Diet" [...]]]>
Nutrition News: Careful with gluten-free http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229382/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 28 Feb 2014 19:11:10 +0000 By Charlyn Fargo Creators Syndicate http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229382/-1/health Today, with an increasing number of people avoiding gluten (whether from medical necessity or dietary preference) there's a tremendous growth in the development of gluten-free products on the market.
The [...]]]>
Health Watch: Learn from Olympians http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229552/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 28 Feb 2014 01:01:00 +0000 http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140228/NEWS/140229552/-1/health We love the Olympics: heartwarming moments, gut-wrenching storylines and fearlessly dedicated athletes. Although you may not be training for an elite competition in the near future, all of us can learn from our Olympic heroes and walk away feeling like champs.
- Develop the discipline. No surprise, Olympians have discipline. They use systematic and diligent training as the bridge between goals and accomplishments. They commit to a clear goal, visualize themselves achieving [...]]]>
Physician Focus: Living with Crohn’s and colitis http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229505/-1/health?rssfeed=true Thu, 27 Feb 2014 11:36:53 +0000 By Dr. Andrew Warner More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229505/-1/health About 30,000 new cases are diagnosed every year, according to the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation of America. Here are some basic facts about these diseases, which together affect about 1.4 million Americans. [...]]]> Dr. Jeff Hersh: What is acute lymphocytic leukemia? http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229509/-1/health?rssfeed=true Thu, 27 Feb 2014 11:26:35 +0000 By Dr. Jeff Hersh More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229509/-1/health A: Acute lymphocytic leukemia (ALL) occurs when lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell (WBC) that is part of the body's immune system, develop a DNA defect that makes them multiply in an uncontrolled fashion, becoming cancerous; exposure to radiation, certain infections, certain genetic disorders and other conditions may cause the defect in some patients, but most cases occur with no identifiable cause.
About [...]]]>
Over the Counter: The key to a healthy heart http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229550/-1/health?rssfeed=true Wed, 26 Feb 2014 23:42:04 +0000 By Steve Bernardi and Dr. Gary Kracoff More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140227/NEWS/140229550/-1/health With an intricate anatomy that includes chambers, valves and vessels — the heart is the body's lifeline and its health is directly linked to the functioning of the body as a whole.
The key to a healthy heart begins with preventing the release [...]]]>
Dr. Murray Feingold: Is your glass half-empty or half-full? http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140226/NEWS/140229554/-1/health?rssfeed=true Wed, 26 Feb 2014 18:44:28 +0000 By Dr. Murray Feingold More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140226/NEWS/140229554/-1/health Your personality plays a role. Usually, an optimist will say the glass is half-full, and a pessimist views the glass as half-empty.
More than likely, an individual who is depressed finds the glass half-empty and someone who is happy and full of joy visualizes the glass as half-full.
There also is reality. If you have experienced a difficult life, your glass will more likely [...]]]>
Nutrition News: A healthy heart is possible http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140224/NEWS/140229744/-1/health?rssfeed=true Mon, 24 Feb 2014 11:50:37 +0000 By Charlyn Fargo Creators Syndicate http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140224/NEWS/140229744/-1/health "Eighty to 90 percent of heart disease is preventable," said Steinbaum. "Even if your mom has had heart disease, it's preventable. Go get screened — get checked and tested [...]]]> Health Watch: Control your cholesterol http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140221/NEWS/140229980/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 21 Feb 2014 01:01:00 +0000 By More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140221/NEWS/140229980/-1/health If you've been diagnosed with high LDL or "bad" cholesterol, know that you are not alone.
"It's important for each patient to work with their doctor to discuss the most effective treatment plan for their high cholesterol," says Dr. Vivian Fonseca, professor of medicine and pharmacology at Tulane University Health Sciences Center. "In some cases, dietary changes and increased exercise is all that is needed for cholesterol control. For others, medication also is needed. [...]]]>
Christina Miranda: Parkinson’s Disease — get up and move http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219452/-1/health?rssfeed=true Tue, 18 Feb 2014 15:40:58 +0000 By Christina Miranda More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219452/-1/health Dr. Jeff Hersh: Myelodysplastic Syndrome — bone marrow disorder http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219470/-1/health?rssfeed=true Tue, 18 Feb 2014 14:18:15 +0000 By Dr. Jeff Hersh More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219470/-1/health A: The three major types of blood cells are produced in the bone marrow and include red blood cells (RBCs) that carry oxygen, white blood cells (WBCs) that fight infection and platelets that help the blood clot to prevent excessive bleeding. Myelodysplastic Syndrome (MDS) is a disorder of the bone marrow, so this disease manifests as inadequate amounts of one or more of these cell types.
MDS is thought to occur [...]]]>
Keeping Fit: Exercises to protect shoulders http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219475/-1/health?rssfeed=true Tue, 18 Feb 2014 13:42:18 +0000 By Wayne L. Westcott More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219475/-1/health Let's begin with the round-shouldered position that so many of us assume so much of each day as we sit at our desk or slouch on our couch. Although not necessarily a true kyphotic condition, this postural problem can lead to considerable discomfort in the upper back area.
Some exercises can actually exacerbate this condition by strengthening the protraction muscles of the chest and stretching [...]]]>
Dr. Murray Feingold: Is RLS interrupting your life? http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219490/-1/health?rssfeed=true Tue, 18 Feb 2014 11:36:54 +0000 By Dr. Murray Feingold More Content Now http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140218/NEWS/140219490/-1/health The criteria to diagnose RLS are: an urge to move the legs with or without the presence of uncomfortable leg [...]]]> Nutrition News: All about Chia http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140214/NEWS/140219627/-1/health?rssfeed=true Fri, 14 Feb 2014 11:51:19 +0000 By Charlyn Fargo Creators Syndicate http://www.helena-arkansas.com/article/20140214/NEWS/140219627/-1/health Are they worth trying? Absolutely. One 1-ounce serving of chia seeds contains 138 calories, 5 grams of protein, 9 grams of fat [...]]]>