Conway residents Dee Ann and Bill Howell have a good system worked out in their kitchen - Dee Ann creates the foods inside and Bill smokes all the meats. They've perfected a rub to go along with their new smoker and as a recipient of their creations from time to time, I've gotten permission to share. These recipes have been tested (and tested...) more times than I can count. #Thankful.

Blueberry Pudding Delight


20 vanilla wafers (crumbled)

One pkg. instant vanilla pudding

Two cups of cold milk ( I use 2%)

One small carton of Cool Whip

One can of blueberry pie filling

One cup of fresh blueberries


Put crumbled vanilla wafers in the bottom of a casserole pan. (9”x9”)

Mix pudding, milk and cool whip and pour on top of the vanilla wafers.

Chill for 30 minutes.

Spend pie filling on top of the chilled pudding mixture and sprinkle the fresh blueberries on top of that. Chill until ready to serve. Cut into squares. Enjoy!

Easy Cucumber Pickles


Four cups of vinegar

Two and one-half cups of water

Seven tsp. of salt

Eight tsp. Pickling spices

Five to six large cucumbers (sliced thin)


Place all ingredients, except the cucumbers, in a saucepan and heat to boiling stage. Boil for one minute to be sure everything is incorporated. Place cucumber slices in jars and cover with this liquid. Cover with lid and refrigerate. These will be ready in 24 hours.

( if cucumbers aren’t completely submerged, you can add water to the jars)

Howell’s Favorite Smoke Rub
Good for chicken, pork & beef


Mix equal parts of the following:

Cavender's Greek Seasoning

Garlic Pepper

Seasoned Pepper

Lemon Pepper

Smoked Paprika

(Use one jar of each seasoning and mix in a quart mason jar.)

If put in a sealed container, this will keep for an indefinite time!


Sprinkle some of the rub mix over the meat. Make sure to cover all sides of the meat and gently rub in. Place meat in smoker and cook according to manufacturers directions.

*We use an Orion Smoker and cook chicken for approximately 1 1/2 hours, using hickory chips. Other types/ cuts of meat cooking times will vary.

Our original recipe came from Conway's Chris Reese, and we have adapted to make it our own. Chris recommends the Orion Smoker, and he was right!

Debtor Dip
...Because your friends will be in your debt when they try this for the first time.


Six green onions chopped fine

Eight ounces Velvetta (c) Cheese, grated

One and one-half cups Duke's (c) Mayonaisse

Three-fourths cup slivered almonds

one package, three ounces Bacon Bits


Mix all ingredients and refrigerate for one hour .

We serve with Crostini's, celery. Ritz crackers work well too.

Brenda McClain doesn't cook a lot, reviews cookbooks on her blog: Lucky for her, she's great friends and family who cook and share. She loves spending her days inside Conway's Favorite Art Gallery - 2017 Log Cabin Democrat - Art on the Green. Contact Brenda with your favorite recipes by email: