Arrest/Crime Records



01/24/2018 Driving on suspended license & careless and prohibited driving occurred on Cherry St

01/24/2018 Terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree happened at 116 Meadowbrook St

01/24/2018 Breaking or entering at 201 S. Baringo St

01/24/2018 Disorderly conduct at 909 Franklin St

01/25/2018 1st degree criminal mischief at 132 Dennis Dr

01/25/2018 Breaking or entering at 500 Walker St

01/25/2018 Arson at North 3rd St

01/25/2018 Missing person under 18 & Neglect of a minor at 125 Hickory Hill Dr

01/25/2018 Forgery at 761 N. Sebastian

01/25/2018 Missing person under 18 of age 645 Forrest Hill

01/26/2018 Public intoxication, Possession of drug paraphernalia & a warrant were executed at 1121 Springdale Rd

01/26/2018 Domestic battering in the 3rd degree 2 counts at 621 E. Cleburne

01/27/2018 Criminal mischief in the 1st degree at Delta Inn Rm  #141

01/27/2018 3rd degree domestic battering at 1207 W. Highway 49

01/27/2018 Driving on suspended license & failure to stop at 112 W. 6th CRC A1

01/27/2018 Public intoxication occurred at Victory Fuel

01/27/2018 Carrying a weapon & 2nd degree terroristic threatening occurred at 98 E. Plaza

01/28/2018 Missing person under the age of 18 at 119 Marquette St

01/28/2018 Resisting arrest & fleeing occurred at 799 MLK Blvd

01/29/2018 Terroristic act at 1708 Stringtown Rd

01/29/2018 3rd degree domestic battering, false imprisonment in the 2nd degree, kidnapping, and a terroristic act all occurred at 1105 Bugle St B

01/29/2018 Aggravated assault & harassment occurred on Ladino going towards Washington

01/29/2018 3rd degree battery & disorderly conduct at 103 School Rd

01/29/2018 Forgery at 849 N Sebastian St

01/29/2018 Theft of property at 1543 Sulphur Springs

01/29/2018 Dog bite & allowing livestock to run at loose occurred at 702 E. Russell St

01/29/2018 Theft of recyclable materials

01/30/2018 No seat belt, careless & prohibited driving, failure to stop at a stop sign, obstructing governmental operations, carrying a weapon, & driving on suspended license at occurred on Quarles Ln

01/30/2018 Theft of property credit/debit cards & theft $1000 or less at 503 Roseland Dr

01/30/2018 Suspended driver’s license on S. 10th

01/30/2018 Commercial burglary at 81 Plaza. St

01/31/2018 3rd degree battering & disorderly conduct at Kipp Delta Preparatory High School at 320 Missouri St

01/31/2018 Theft of firearm valued at $2500 or less at 322 Dinan St

01/31/2018 Theft of $1000 or less- Purse Snatching at 302 Denise Dr

02/01/2018 Robbery-Aggravated at Oakland/Old Hays

02/01/2018 Terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree occurred at 1124 Walnut

02/01/2018 Theft of Property at 602 Sheila Dr

02/02/2018 Expired tags, No seat belt, driving on suspended license, no insurance, & 2 counts of No child restraint occurred at Columbia and McDonough

02/02/2018 Careless & prohibited driving occurred on E. Plaza St

02/02/2018 Driving without driver’s license, disorderly conduct, terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree

02/02/2018 Driving on suspended license, fictitious tags, no insurance & a warrant were executed at 202 N. Washington St

02/02/2018 Driving on suspended license at Anderson/North Sebastian

02/03/2018 Executed a warrant at Double Quick

02/03/2018 Suspended driver’s license & expired tags occurred at 810 York St

02/03/2018 Criminal impersonation in the 2nd degree & a warrant were executed at Highway 49/ East Park

02/03/2018 Unauthorized use of a vehicle at 201 Oakland St

02/03/2018 Warrant at Wire Rd

02/03/2018 Public Intoxication at Family Dollar Stores Inc, 233 N. Sebastian St

02/03/2018 Criminal Trespass on Land on Old Little Rock Rd

02/03/2018 Leaving scene of an accident at Dollar General           

02/03/2018 Disorderly conduct & Terroristic threatening in the 2nd degree at 468 Joyner Dr

02/03/2018 Driving without driver’s license at 308 S. Sebastian St

02/04/2018 Ist degree criminal mischief with a value of less that $1000 or less at 302 Denise Dr

02/05/2018 Residential Burglary at 115 Jordan St

02/05/2018 Driving without driver’s license, possession of SCH VI LT 4oz , Criminal impersonation in the 2nd degree and a warrant occurred at 300 N. 11th St

02/06/2018 Breaking or entering, battery in the 3rd degree, & disorderly conduct at 172 Westwood