Commissioner of State Lands John Thurston has announced the opening of a new exhibit on the state's railroad history in his Capitol office, according to a news release.

"Making Tracks Across Arkansas" features images and artifacts ranging from a conductor’s uniform to railroad china, from telegraph equipment to signal lanterns and railroad tools, Thurston said.

“The exhibit explores facets that many people might not know about trains, like the railroad industry’s involvement in creating time zones, or that a training camp was established in Arkansas to teach soldiers how to run trains during World War II,” he is quoted as saying in the release.

The Arkansas Railroad Museum in Pine Bluff loaned most of the artifacts for the exhibit, Thurston said. Photographer Dick Hovey provided several images of historic trains, and the Union Pacific Railroad yard in North Little Rock supplied the components of a sample track in the office’s vault.

"Making Tracks Across Arkansas" will be on display in Room 109 of the State Capitol through the end of the year. Visitors may view the exhibit from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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