Bright red and blue lights pierced the darkness followed by a voice, which appeared to be coming from a loud speaker, telling a Cedar Street resident to open the door of her residence.

Bright red and blue lights pierced the darkness followed by a voice, which appeared to be coming from a loud speaker, telling a Cedar Street resident to open the door of her residence. Someone knocking on the window awakened the woman, who had fallen asleep on her living room couch. The person on the loud speaker asked the woman if she could see the light and called her by name, stating they wanted in. According to the narrative filed by Officer Phillip Keys, the woman told the man, “Well, you can't get in here.” The report goes on to say that the intruder told the woman to let him in or he was going to shoot her. The man proceeded to tell her to open the carport door without setting off any alarms. If she did, he was going to shoot her. The woman told keys that she complied with the man's demands. In the report, the woman identified the subjects as two Hispanic looking males, one heavy set and the other slender, accompanied by a heavy set Hispanic looking female, all brandishing black pistols. None of the intruders wore anything to cover their faces and were all “colorfully dressed.” The woman reported that the heavy set male did all of the talking and again called the woman by name stating that he wanted her ring. She proceeded to give the intruders one of her less expensive rings and the man stated, “No, we want the one you wear.” She told police that the two males went into her bedroom and began looking for the ring. The report says the female was told to watch her. The woman and the female intruder sat down at the kitchen table. The woman was told, “Just do what they say, or they will shoot you. The report continues with the woman stating that the heavy set male returned to the kitchen and walked the woman to the bedroom at gunpoint and told her, “If you do what I say, nothing will happen to you.” The woman got the ring. The heavy set man told her to wait 30 minutes before notifying anyone. She told Keys in the report that she complied with their demands and then called police. The incident occurred on Jan. 23. Helena-West Helena Police is continuing their investigation. Despite the best efforts of law enforcement officers and neighborhood watch programs, residential and commercial burglaries continue to plague Helena-West Helena. According to police reports, at least five such incidents have occurred in the community since January 14. A refrigerator, stove and 32-inch flat screen TV were stolen from a residence on West Russell. The incident was reported on Jan. 14. Entry was apparently gained through a back bedroom window. A home was burglarized and ransacked sometime during a 3-week period in January when the occupant was away from home. Taken in the burglary were two weapons, a TV, $3,000 in cash and a box of checkbooks. Entry apparently was gained through a carport door. On Jan. 25, Cpl. Keys was dispatched to Toney's Grocery after an alarm sounded. During his initial investigation, Keys reported that he noticed that someone had tampered with the side door leading to the business. The door, he noted, had been pried open but the would-be intruder was unable to gain entry because of a steel door latch. Officer Chris Miller responded to a residential burglary call on Sacred Heart on Jan. 25. According to Miller's report, the occupant told Miller that he had left his home to go to church and when he returned he noticed both of his TVs, both of his tablets, his VCR/DVD player and his watch were missing. Miller reported that the screen on a bedroom window had been raised. Miller also investigated a residential burglary on Anderson on Jan. 26. A single pane from a backdoor window had been broken and the door was open. The back room had been ransacked but nothing was reported missing.