More than just a crunchy snack, grapes enhance everyday dishes with flavor and nutrition. We give you some gorgeous grape-centric recipes, courtesy of the California Table Grape Commission.

What secret ingredient can take healthy meals to the next level? According to Heather K. Jones, RD, an author and health journalist specializing in weight management and behavior change therapy, the answer is easy: Grapes. Grapes pack a powerful punch of heart-health antioxidants and polyphenols, Heather notes. Apart from being a natural source of beneficial antioxidants, they are also rich in potassium and vitamin K, which plays a role in helping blood to clot.  And, with just 90 calories, no fat, no cholesterol and virtually no sodium in a ¾ cup serving, grapes boast some pretty stellar nutritional stats. We often think of grapes as a portable snack, but don’t overlook grapes’ stellar cooking potential. Grapes from California, available through January, are a tasty, versatile ingredient that adds a little extra “something” to all types of dishes, from desserts to salads to chicken. Here are nine tasty ideas that are sure to become seasonal favorites: California Grape & Avocado Salad: Mini Grape Crisps with Nutty Oat Topping: Honey-Balsamic Chicken with California Grapes: Bulgur Salad with Grapes and Kale: Grilled Salmon Tacos with Grape Pico de Gallo: Italian Sausage Flatbread with California Grapes: Dilled Shrimp & Grape Salad: Yogurt Power Bowl with California Grapes: Brioche and Grape Bread Pudding: Brought to you by: Spry Living