Is it possible to make up for a short night's sleep?

Q: Can teens make up for late nights by†sleeping in on weekends? A: Nope. If you do badly on an exam and your teacher gives you a do-over, all is right in the world. But sleep isnít like a makeup test. You can certainly sleep more when you have time on the weekends, but doing so wonít erase all the negative effects caused by lack of sleep on the other five days, like having difficulty learning new concepts, remembering information and making decisions. When you donít sleep enough, youíre also less alert, and your reaction time slows, making you more accident prone. Your body works best if you get the recommended amount of sleep every night and have a similar wake-up time every day. óDr. Mehmet Oz, expert,†Cardiac surgeon†at†Columbia University/New York-Presbyterian†Hospital and star of†The Dr. Oz Show Go back to All the Answers, August 2013 CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE ALL THE ANSWERS ARCHIVES Brought to you by: Spry