The Helena-West Helena Golf Association made a final presentation to the city council last week concerning the operation of the Municipal Golf Course, where the not for profit corporation, the Helena-West Helena Public Golf Course, Inc. would operate the course for the benefit of the general public and the city.
Following some alterations in the original agreement, the city council handed the reigns over to Helena-West Helena Public Golf Course, Inc.

According to the agreement, H-WHPGC would assume responsibilities for the day- to-day operation of the golf course, maintain the grounds, provide upkeep of the related equipment and make minor repairs to the buildings. The H-WHPGC would be responsible to pay all future utilities including electric, water and telephone as well as collect all green fees, tournament revenue and related income generated by the course. According to Dale Chisnall, H-WHPGC chairman, the city would only be responsible for the continued salary and benefits for the manager of the pro shop for 24 months, pay all existing obligations for operations of the course up to the date of the agreement and agree to “lease/purchase” at the sum of $150 per month for the golf course equipment that is currently at the course. “The equipment would then belong to the Helena-West Helena Public Golf Course after 48 months of payments received,” commented Chisnall. Chisnall added that most of the equipment is mainly golf course equipment and has already been repaired. The council wasted no time making a motion to approve the operating agreement between the city and the golf course. Councilman Don Etherly explained that the lease agreement creates the waive of competitive bidding. “My question is what about default,” he said. “The document that I saw does not have the traditional contract language that details the position of the city.” In order to enter a lease agreement on the course itself, the council agreed that action needed to be taken concerning the waiving of competitive bidding. The council agreed to withdraw the previous motion made a motion to waive the competitive bidding for the operation of the course as well as a motion to waive equipment competitive bidding. Then council also agreed to make a motion regarding the operating agreement to include language for default issues that will be approved by their attorney and the city attorney if approved. “We're just trying to approve the principal of the agreement so we can get them on their way,” commented councilman Jay Hollowell. Etherly requested that there be a language of default be included in the event the city wants to take the course back specified in the agreement. The city council agreed to the authorized services through the approved adoption of the ordinance presented and the adoption of the emergency clause. Council also approved the ordinance for equipment lease and purchase for the city of Helena-West Helena Municipal Golf Course as well as the adoption of such ordinance of the equipment agreement.