Two Phillips County residents are in custody following an altercation that occurred during a home invasion robbery on June 7.

Two Phillips County residents are in custody following an altercation that occurred during a home invasion robbery on June 7. The Phillips County Sheriff's office reported that 34-year old Kevin Stafford and 24-year-old Serenna Stafford were arrested following an incident in which the Staffords allegedly approached the home of Sandy Wages and began beating on the door of the residence. They reportedly broke down the door and caused physical injuries to Bubba Kelley with a baseball bat and golf club. Kevin Stafford reportedly used the bat while Serenna Stafford used a golf club. Kelley jumped out a window after being beaten for several minutes at which time the report stated that the Staffords went after Kelley. According to the report the Staffords went back into the house and beat several witnesses including Noah and Skylar Burks, demanding money. Burks attempted to call the police but Kevin Stafford grabbed the phone and broke it. Serenna Stafford allegedly went through Skylar's pockets and took $200 and Kevin Stafford reportedly went through Noah's pockets and took his wedding band off his finger. Serenna then got the keys and made Skylar go outside while Kevin Stafford and Noah stayed inside the residence. The report says Serenna reportedly took Noah and Skylar's prescription pills and $400 from Skyar's billfold. She told law enforcement officers that she had just gotten paid Tuesday. Serenna reportedly asked for more at which time Skylar explained that they didn't have anything else. Kevin and Serenna Stafford allegedly warned the Burks that if they called the police they would kill them. After the Burk's promised not to call the police, the Staffords left. The Burk's called the Sheriff's office and notified them of the incident. Kevin and Serenna Stafford were charged with theft of property, aggravated robbery, battery in the third degree and terroristic threatening. Theft of property is a Class D felony, aggravated robbery is a Class Y felony and terroristic threatening is a Class A felony. Kevin Stafford is being held at the Cross County Jail and Serenna Stafford is being held at the Prairie County jail. Bonds for both were set $206,000. In an unrelated incident, On May 26 Deputy Jeremy Bramlett conducted a traffic stop of a white Chevy S10 pickup with no tags and driving erratically on Highway 49 West. After making contact with the driver who was identified as 25-year-old Thomas Harper, Bramlett was informed by dispatch that Harper was wanted in White County for probation violation. Bramlett ordered Harper to exit the vehicle and during a search of his person, discovered a small clear plastic baggie in his right front pants pocket with what appeared to be a small amount of a white powder substance that field tested positive to be crystal meth. Bramlett also found a prescription medication bottle in the right coat pocket of Harper's person that contained 1 Hydrocodone pill, 1 Trazadone pill and 14 green and white pills called Fluoxentine. The pill bottle was prescribed to a Briggett M. Jones. Harper was transported to the Phillips County Sheriff's Office for processing. Harper has been charged with possession of crystal methamphetamines, and possession of Hydrocodone. His bond was set at $20,000 and he is being held at the Lee County Jail.