A Phillips County man faces residential burglary and theft of property charges following a March 23 incident involving a stolen safe.

A Phillips County man faces residential burglary and theft of property charges following a March 23 incident involving a stolen safe. According to the officer's report filed by Phillips County Sheriff's Department's Chief Investigator Brian Holloway, Zachary Buie informed law enforcement officials that someone took his keys, entered his parents' house and stole a safe and several other items including cash. The incident began on the evening of March 23. Buie had entertained several friends, including Brandon Rhodes, at his home at 25 Phillips County Road near Lexa. Buie was going to drive two friends home after Rhodes left earlier but could not find his key chain, which contained the key to his truck, his parents' house, a tool box and shed key. Buie told deputies at first he assumed that he had misplaced the keys and looked for them for two hours. Meanwhile, according to Buie, his brother-in-law Brandon Immel and his sister Alisha Immel had gone to their parents' home and discovered that someone had been in the residence and had stolen the safe. Immel reportedly called Rhodes and told him they knew he had the keys and the safe and had him on video getting it. Buie said the video was used as bluff and told Rhodes that he would not press charges if the keys and safe were returned. Rhodes reportedly stated that he would return them. Buie said Rhodes never showed up. Rhodes, Immel and Mason Blair went to Rhodes home in Helena. There, they saw Rhodes and his girlfriend, Shelby Mohundro packing Rhodes' vehicle. When approached, Rhodes allegedly turned over the safe but not the keys. Buie reported that the keys were locked inside the truck. After finally getting the truck unlocked, the safe key failed to open the safe. Buie reported that the safe had no visible damage and he proceeded to break it open. He discovered that $6,000 in three bundles of $100 bills were missing. After notifying his parents, Buie learned that $1,840 also was reportedly missing from the home. A pair of diamond earrings and a bracelet were also missing from the safe. Buie told Sheriff's deputies that Rhodes allegedly texted him several times admitting to stealing the safe and some other items. He said Rhodes reportedly told him that the keys were in the mailbox at his Helena residence. Mohundro reportedly told law enforcement officials that she saw the safe on Rhodes' living room floor. When she questioned Rhodes, he told her that the safe belonged to Buie. She reportedly told Rhodes that if he did not return the safe she would call police. She added that she took Rhodes to Robinsonville, Miss. to meet a friend because she kicked Rhodes out of her house. Mohundro stated that all she saw when the safe was open was a lot of loose change and some pills. Rhodes' bond was set at $100,000.