Terrorism and tragedy strike again in the homeland.

Terrorism and tragedy strike again in the homeland. Yet another senseless act of violence has Americans looking over their shoulders as they go about their daily lives. This time the setting was a sporting event where thousands of people gathered to share in their love of running. It was all about getting in shape and having a good time while doing so. The grueling 26-mile race was almost over when the sounds of bombs bursting in air drowned out the jubilant sounds of victory and success. Ironically at the start of the day, the runners and spectators had joined hands in a moment of silence for the 26 victims of a December tragedy from which the nation was still reeling. The 26-mile race was to be symbolic of the 26 victims that lost their lives in the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting on that cold December 14 day in New Town, Conn. At this point, Americans are still trying to figure out in their own minds what type of twisted individual could commit such a horrendous act. Was this the act of an international terrorist or an act of one of our own homegrown terrorists? At this writing, this heartless bomber is still roaming the streets of Boston possibly dreaming up new ways to wreck havoc and destruction on innocent Americans. Gun control seems to be a mute debate at this time. It is now clear that those who desire to kill, destroy and maim will find away regardless on the restrictions put on the availability of weapons of mass destruction. Recipes for the construction are readily available on the Internet and the ingredients can easily be bought at almost any hardware store. Terrorism is nothing new. I lived through the “Cold War” of the 1960s. America was on the brink of a nuclear showdown with Russia during the Cuban Missile Crisis of 1962. The showdown came after U.S. spy planes discovered Russian missiles being constructed in Cuba – just 90 miles from the U.S. coast of Florida. During the days leading up to meeting of U.S. and U.S.S.R., people lived in fear of “The Bomb.” Living only 16 miles from a major Air Force base, the sound of planes overhead sent everyone into a panic. Eventually, the Russians backed down and life went back to normal. My parents grew up during “The Great Depression.” Just as the nation was about to recover from a serious financial crisis, Germany's Adolph Hitler began his reign of terror in Europe. As Hitler's German army ran roughshod over a continent, the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor ending the days of peace and tranquility. What I am trying to say is that nearly every generation has faced some threat to freedom. Our children and grandchildren's generation will be no different but perhaps even more scary. With modern technology, we sometimes do not even know where the enemy is located. They may be mapping out their plan of mass destruction in an isolated room miles away just waiting to throw the switch, or sitting right next to us. America's attitudes toward terrorists must change. They are not some poor, pitiful creature that was mistreated by the world around them and looking for a way to speak out. No, they are cold-hearted individuals intent on murder and mayhem. So, let's call them what they really are – cold-blooded murders. Also, it's time that tragedies such as the Boston marathon and Sandy Hook Elementary School quit being turned into a grandstand for politicians. New gun control laws are not going to change a thing. The responsibility falls completely and solidly on the shoulders of the judicial system. The system simply must enforce the laws that are already on the books and start handing out the proper punishments to those who simply place no value on the sacredness of human life.