The City council was all about business Tuesday night as they established a quorum and quickly moved to the agenda items for the evening.

Ordinances, emergency clauses, equipment and mandatory pipe repair The City council was all about business Tuesday night as they established a quorum and quickly moved to the agenda items for the evening. Bob Gaston of the Helena West Helena landfill presented the results of the bidding that was placed in the paper and confirmed that Young's Custom Service was the only bid that responded. “We are seeking permission from the city to accept the bid presented to take immediate action on the landfill's proposed project in the manner to sink methane gas monitoring wells to meet the requirements of State and Federal ADEQ guideline requirements. Gaston also informed the council that two quotes have been acquired in regards to the erosion matter and that he was instructed, after a further inspection, that they need to move on this item. “We obtained two quotes and instructed both candidates that they accept the quality control, in which only one candidate accepted the quality control acceptance,” explained Gaston. Gaston also recommended that the erosion project be given to Erosion Control, the only candidate that complied with their request to accept the quality control guidelines are required for each project by the State and Federal ADEQ. The council reviewed the bid but questioned whether or not the body would have to pass the ordinance authorizing the waving the bidding. Motion was made to authorize the recommendation to enter a contract for services for the city of Helena-West Helena for a needed repair for Helena-West Helena landfill grounds in the matter to prevent further erosion and meet the state and federal guidelines as they pertain to landfill requirements. Gaston explained that the quality control guidelines are required for each project, or the candidates don't get paid until they comply. Both motions to approve and adopt the ordinance and the adoption of the emergency clause was passed by the council. Gaston replied with gratitude and invited the council out to the landfill to see the progress before closing. In other news, the council inquired about the equipment requests made by the Street Dept. City Clerk Sandi Ramsy explained that the Street Dept is currently working on the estimates and the official count of equipment needed. Councilman Christopher Franklin requested an inventory on all equipment that the city currently has within each dept. According to Franklin, the parks dept is not currently using the new equipment that were purchased last year. “We gave them two people and bought some land equipment last year, why can't we use the equipment we already have,” commented Franklin. According to Ramsy, the purchases where for a couple of weed eaters and a lawn mower and Street Director Oskar Hoskins has requested permission to purchase a zero turn and another tractor due to the last tractor that is “on it's last leg.” Ramsy stated that when a full inventory is reported, the council will have to decide what they want to do to move forward.   Councilman John Huff questioned Willis on whether or not the city has the proper equipment to maintain the city to which Willis replied, “I don't believe so.” According to Willis, the equipment inventory is an audit requirement and they will comply with recommendation made. West Helena Water Ken Fratsi presented a last minute agenda item detailing a current sewer main problem on Baringo where Fratsi instructed that a company tried to pull out the blockage but unfortunately was not successful. “I have a quote that was given to me to fix the 160 foot worth of the sewer main detailing in the amount of $11,500 which is over the spending limit without the councils approval,” explained Fratsi. Being that this time is of the essence on the matter, Fratsi recommended immediate action, moved by councilman John Huff. Council approved to authorize the waving of the competitive bidding in order to enter a contract with said candidate for the service to the City of Helena West Helena in the matter of the repair of the 160 ft. sewer main in West Helena to meet the requirements and federal guidelines in regards to public safety. Adoption of ordinance and the adoption of the emergency clause also carried.