A Helena-West Helena City Council member has a date in District Court Friday morning to answer charges ranging from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest and attempting to influence a public servant.

A Helena-West Helena City Council member has a date in District Court Friday morning to answer charges ranging from disorderly conduct to resisting arrest and attempting to influence a public servant. Seven weeks following the arrest of Christopher Franklin, The Helena World received the official police report dated Dec. 17, 2012. According to the narrative written by Cpl. William Bender, Franklin appeared at the West Helena Police Station during the booking process of Franklin's brother. Franklin was reportedly there to see about bonding his brother out. Bender reported that he asked Franklin to leave the booking room until the officer had completed the processing procedure. Franklin reportedly refused to leave the area. Bender's narrative states that he asked Franklin if he was refusing to comply with a direct order of a police officer. Frankly allegedly responded saying, “I am not doing anything you say until you let my brother go. I don't have to leave because I am a city councilman.” At this point, Bender states that he attempted to handcuff Franklin and place him under arrest. According to Bender, Franklin pulled away from the officer and began screaming that Bender had “no business” touching him. Bender reported that he told Franklin a second time that he would be arrested if he did not leave the booking area. Bender's narrative states that Franklin continued to scream saying he “didn't have to do anything anybody told him.” Bender stated that he tried to handcuff Franklin a second time but resisted his attempts. At this time, Assistant Police Chief Ronald Scott, Lt. Dennis Cox and Lt. Travis Wallace entered the booking room and reportedly escorted Franklin out. The report goes on to state that on Dec. 17 Bender issued Franklin a citation for the incident at his place of work. According to Bender, Franklin refused to sign the document. “When I told Mr. Franklin that he had a court date of January 11 at 9 a.m., he told me that he would not see me there because he would have me fired before then proceeded to tear up the ticket and tossed it in a trash can,” stated Bender in his report. Bender went onto say that he informed Franklin that he could be have been charged with failure to comply, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest but had only charged him with disorderly conduct for his behavior at the police station. Bender added that Franklin continued to “rant and rave” about what he was going to have done to the officer and that he was “going to have my job for what I had done.” Bender noted that Lt. Wallace, Bender's immediate supervisor, observed the incident. Wallace told Bender to leave the premises and return to his duties, which he reportedly did. After reviewing the tapes and reading statements of individuals who witnessed the altercation at the police station, Police Chief Uless Wallace instructed Bender to place additional charges on Franklin for attempting to influence a public servant, unreasonable and excessive behavior, resisting arrest and threatening violence. These citations were issued to Franklin at his place of employment on Jan. 10. A court date of Jan. 25 was set but was re-scheduled for Feb. 1 due to incomplete paperwork. All the charges are misdemeanors. According to District Court records, Franklin is facing additional allegations from two other city officials. An affidavit for warrant of arrest has Helena-West Helena City Council member Vivian Holder accusing Franklin of second degree terroristic threatening. The incident stems from a heated disagreement between Holder and Franklin during the January 22 city council session. Holder reportedly overheard Franklin tell another council member that he was going to “get her (Holder).” Police officers escorted Holder from the meeting. A second affidavit for arrest claims that Franklin allegedly told Sanitation Department Manager Bobby Jones following an October council meeting that he intended to fire him because he supported Mayor Arnell Willis. Jones claims that Franklin repeated the threat to his Jones' ex-wife on January 12. Franklin declined to comment on any of the allegations.