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  • Nerma Moore: A rising Delta star

  • Name: Nerma MooreAge: 29Home Town: Helena resident, formerly of Clarksdale, Miss.Q: You seemed to have accomplished a lot over the last several years, and have proven to be a well-accomplished and determined young woman. Has singing always been something you wanted to do?Moore: Yes, I have always wanted to...
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  • Name: Nerma Moore Age: 29 Home Town: Helena resident, formerly of Clarksdale, Miss. Q: You seemed to have accomplished a lot over the last several years, and have proven to be a well-accomplished and determined young woman. Has singing always been something you wanted to do? Moore: Yes, I have always wanted to sing. I actually started writing songs when I was 14 years old. I was not able to fully pursue music until later in life however because I was primarily focused on completing my educational aspirations. Q: Who or what inspired you to “move” forward with your talent? Moore: My husband was the main motivating factor in my decision to fully pursue my musical career. He knew that I enjoyed teaching. However, he also knew that music was my passion. He told me to follow my heart and pursue that passion. I wanted to avoid that dreaded feeling of looking back in 20 years and asking myself “what if”. I will always have my Ph.D. and may return to the classroom someday, however I won't always have the chance to perform. I have realized that there is a difference between doing something that you like to do and doing something that you love to do. Music is always on my mind and keeps me awake at night. Q: Where did you acquire your musical talent? Did you participate in a church choir? Moore: My initial interest in music came from watching my mother as a young girl. I also participated sparingly in the church choir when I was younger. Q: What artists did you listen to growing up? Moore: I listened to many male and female artists such as Mariah Carey, Pink, Jodeci and Silk. As a matter of fact, Pink's album, “Can't Take Me Home” released in 2000 was the first CD that I bought. Q: What was one of your major performances when you were younger? Moore: My first major performance was when I was 16. My friend and I auditioned at the local Apollo competition in Jackson, Miss. We were going to sing Mariah Carey's “Hero”. However, she backed out at the last minute and I had to change how we originally planned to sing the song. I didn't place in the competition and at the time felt very discouraged, but I learned a lot from that experience. Q: Who do you feel your vocal talent reflects in the music industry today? Moore: My sound is a mixture of pop and country. I often say that if Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne and Rihanna's voices were to unite as one that would be my voice. Q: How were you able to break out into the music business? Moore: The publishing world has drastically changed in recent years thanks to rapid advancements made in technology, most notably with digital product development and distribution. Through the development of our business Amren Entertainment, LLC, I have been able to utilize a variety of these digital platforms to promote my music. Q: What was the process of developing/recording your EP? Moore: I write all of my music here and record in Florida. My producers and I stay in contact through Google chat or Skype. My husband and I executive produced this album with the help of producers Derek Harkins, Fredric Freeman and the late Alex Assoian. Q: Can you tell us a little bit about the title of your EP “Moving Forward”? Moore: Moving Forward symbolizes a new chapter in the life of a young woman. It encompasses the challenges that some young women face when dealing with relationships and how they react to those challenges. Q: You mentioned that you have a PhD, when and where did you receive it from? Moore: I received my PhD in community college leadership in May 2009 from Mississippi State University. Q: What inspired you to go after your debut EP after receiving your PhD? Moore: After receiving my PhD I felt that I had achieved my goals from an educational perspective but I still did not feel fulfilled. I love writing music, singing and performing and I hope other music enthusiasts will agree that my passion is reflected in the album. Q: What is the message that you hope to convey to your listeners? Moore: In life, some things just aren't meant to be and we are going to experience heartbreak, but we have to learn to keep our eyes open and realize that when things are built on a false hope we have to confront it head on and eventually let it go. Q: You have published three songs on your EP, what do you feel they represent and do they speak of your own personal experiences? Moore: “Could Never Be” represents a broken fairy tale. It describes a young woman in love with a man who ultimately realizes that their relationship can never materialize. “All Night” it is a dance club track that features a young woman recovering from a broken relationship who is re-entering the dating phase and is not looking for an immediate commitment. “Cold and Lonely World” represents a young woman still dealing with her perception of how unfair relationships and ultimately life are. Q: What is your one goal for this year? Moore: From a musical standpoint, to become a better performer and create music that has longevity. I want to help young women around the world deal with the many emotions that they experience in their relationships through music. Check out Nerma's new album at: nermaonline.com, or you can visit facebook.com/nermamoore. Her new album (EP) is available now at iTunes or amazon.com entitled, “Moving Forward”.
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