"Song writing and writing poetry has always come easy for me,” says newly published songwriter Peggy Deaton of Lexa. 


“Song writing and writing poetry has always come easy for me,” says newly published songwriter Peggy Deaton of Lexa. 
Deaton, mother to her one daughter and grandmother to seven grandchildren, says that she shares her musical inspiration with one of her friends Janice Glubber who attends Fourth Street Baptist Church in Helena-West Helena. 
“I love to sing God’s word, and we both enjoy singing and collaborating with the church,” said Deaton. 
Deaton recalls that shortly after a long-time family friend passed away, she found the courage through her husband,  her greatest supporter, Roy, to submit a copy of her harmonious lyrics and ballad to be copyrighted. 
“My friend and I had worked on several songs together and after he passed, I felt that the music was a way to stay close to his memory.  After I sent it off, I didn’t really think too much of it.”
Then one day, Hill Top Records contacted her by letter detailing that they had selected her music to be recorded on an album. 
“I was completely surprised,” commented Deaton.
Deaton reported that Hill Top records recently published her old-fashioned gospel melody, “Old Fashion Days”, which is available online to be purchased. 
Deaton added that Hill Top Records’ singers have performed with pop bands and gospel quartets, sung in world-known chorales and choruses and performed with the Los Angeles Opera. 
“These singing professionals focus their talents and expertise on your musical composition, and they found the perfect someone who reflects not only my voice but the message of God’s word through the traditional old fashioned gospel that I have grown up on,” stated Deaton. 
According to Deaton, Hill Top Records has published lyrics and ballads for several known artists including Celine Dion, Barbra Streisand, Tony Bennett, Trisha Yearwood, Natalie Cole, Dolly Parton, and many others.
Deaton is a member of the gospel quartet of the Fourth Street church called God's Messengers and believes her calling is to spread joy to others by singing God’s word. 
Deaton was born in Memphis but relocated to the Helena-West Helena area where she and her family made it their home.  Some of Deaton’s inspirational Christian singers include The Isaacs, The Crabb Family-Hagee Family and the Gathers. 
When Deaton is not  writing or recording, she is studying prophecy in her spare time and is currently studying the Hebrew language.
Deaton has another Christian melody called “Heaven” that is expected to be published in the near future.