So far, so good for the Washington Redskins. They're off to a 2-1 start with a rookie head coach, and their only loss was on the road to the reigning Super Bowl champs.

So far, so good for the Washington Redskins. They're off to a 2-1 start with a rookie head coach, and their only loss was on the road to the reigning Super Bowl champs.
Now it's time to find out if they're really for real.
Back-to-back road games against the mighty Dallas Cowboys and the nearly-as-mighty Philadelphia Eagles will go far in determine whether the Redskins are serious playoff players or will have to settle for a year-in-learning mode under coach Jim Zorn.
"These next two games, it is what it is, make or break," receiver Antwaan Randle El said. "Not the season, but in terms of our team. We'll really find out where we are."
If the Redskins were anywhere except the NFC East, there wouldn't be such September urgency. It just so happens, though, that they're in the toughest division in the NFL, with the four teams combining to go 8-0 against outside opposition over the first three weeks.
"We're going to have to win our non-divisional games for sure, and take care of business with the ones that we can in our division," center Casey Rabach said. "We have to win a few of them, at least."
If the Redskins were a baseball team in a playoff series, they'd be going into this two-game stint content to settle for a split on the road. That actually would be a good outcome, leaving the team at 3-2 going into a very soft part of the schedule. After Philadelphia, the next three teams — St. Louis, Cleveland and Detroit — are currently a combined 0-9.
But football is truly a one-game-at-a-time world. No one wants to settle for anything.
"I'd be really happy with two victories, obviously," Rabach said. "The thing about the NFL is the season is so short, you can't be hoping for splits or whatever."
Adding to the excitement, of course, is that fact that this is Dallas Week. Everyone is deep into it. The players. The front office. The fans. Especially the fans, who were chanting "We want Dallas!" in the waning moments of last week's win over the Arizona Cardinals.
Everyone is deep into it, that is, except the newcomer, the head guy who spent most of his NFL life on the West Coast in Seattle.
"I just don't have the animosity yet," Zorn said. "And I'm the head football coach here — and we're supposed to."
Realizing how shocking that statement might be to Redskins fans, Zorn made a face by lowering his head and raising his eyebrows, as if to say "I'd better get with the program."
"But I'm sure I'll get there at some point down the road," he continued. "We did with the Raiders. If it's anything like the Seahawk and Raider rivalry, there's certain things that create that, and I'm just waiting for it."
Zorn did notice that the tempo was up and that the concentration level was higher at practice this week, although he wasn't sure to attribute that to Dallas malice or the good feelings that come with a two-game winning streak.
Zorn has watched the rivalry from afar, and he referenced the dreaded Thanksgiving Day loss in Dallas in 1974 when Clint "Mad Bomber" Longley, subbing for Roger Staubach, threw a late winning touchdown pass to give Dallas a 24-23 victory that broke hearts like never before in the nation's capital.
"I heard before I became the head coach about this rivalry," Zorn said. "This is something special."
Notes:@ Zorn said RT Stephon Heyer (shoulder) is questionable for Sunday's game. "He's not 100 percent," Zorn said. "He's got his range of motion back, but it's very sore." Jon Jansen will start if Heyer can't. ... WR Malcolm Kelly (sprained ankle) will sit out for the third time in four games. "He's got the 'slows,'" Zorn said. "It's because of his ankle. He's got to wait until he gets better." ... CB Fred Smoot (hip), LB Marcus Washington (hamstring) and FB Mike Sellers (thigh) were limited in practice but are expected to play. ... Zorn was noncommittal as to whether Reed Doughty or rookie Chris Horton will start at strong safety. "Both those guys have been working," Zorn said. "We're not going to announce a starter.''