Another citizen speaks out about the Helena-West Helena dog situation.

Dear Mr. Hogan, Editor of The Daily World:
I believe (Mr.) Valley was wrong to release those dogs out in the woods.  As Mayor, he should have seen to it that the Shelter employees were caring for the dogs in the beginning, instead of neglecting and mistreating them.  This is a direct example of the character of your Mayor.
I’ve read that when people offered help, he ignored their requests and threatened them with retaliation.  I see this as abuse of power and authority.  The majority of dogs are a loving, loyal and productive part of our society.  It’s my opinion that Valley should be severely disciplined and/or fired, because of his decisions.  How about, at the very least, a demotion and a cut in pay.  Then, perhaps there might be enough money to care for these dogs?
As for “treating” your Mayor in an “un-American way”; what could be more idealistically American than to defend and protect lesser-developed creatures? To stand up for their rights, when they are unable to do so?  Is this not what our Country was founded on? I suggest that J.F. Valley is “un-American”.  Why should the city foot the bill for his legal defense? I suppose that, next, as an attorney, he’ll want to defend himself and he’s seeing dollar signs...  Dollar signs, that when all is said and done, could have bought those poor dogs some more time and probably homes.  In my opinion, your community should drop this uncaring, pathetic, whining excuse for a man off in the woods; without food or shelter.  Surely your city could find a better Mayor? 
Hopefully the dogs will be found in good health and given good homes.  My sincere appreciation, gratitude and prayer goes to the Arkansas Delta Humane Society for caring.
Thank you for your time.

        K.J. Richardson