These short snips are pulled from police and fire reports.

A man who lives in the 600 block of Cooke St. reported to police Monday that his vehicle was vandalized.
The suspect broke out the front passenger window and reached inside and opened the door. However, nothing was reported taken.
A woman who lives in the 200 block of south Ninth St. reported Thursday night that while she was attending a graduation ceremony someone broke into her house. When the woman returned home she found a kitchen window open and cups were all over the floor. The curtain was in the kitchen sink. She also found a window broken out of the storage room door. Missing are an X-Box 360 game console and an undetermined amount of coins.
A man, who lives in the 900 block of East Garland told police Saturday that his vehicle was broken into. The back glass on the vehicle was shattered.
A man who lives in the 400 block of Devilla reported to police Monday that his vehicle was broken into and a 357-magnum handgun was stolen. The thief broke out the driver’s side window to gain entry.

Helena-West Helena firefighters were on the scene of a structure fire at 505 Franklin St. for approximately 20 minutes Thursday night.
According to fire department reports the house was vacant and was in a state of disrepair.
Fire destroyed a storage shed being torn down at 32 Parkdale around 9:10 a.m. Saturday according to Helena-West Helena firefighters.